Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mean Girls

Karma will get you one day for bashing that softball size rock on my daughter’s car and causing that big dent that will take a new hood to fix. A car that she worked all summer to earn money to buy and is paying me back on the couple hundred she had to borrow so she had it in time for school, so I did not have to change my schedule to take her. She is a much better person than I because I would like to take that rock and put it through the windshield of that new Explorer that your mommy bought you.


Manic Mommy said...


Leigh Ann said...

WTF? I second Manic Mommy. Sounds like you raised a hard working, honest, thoughtful daughter. Those little cu%*s will get theirs in the end.

Lisa-licious said...

Want me to mail you a rock? I will Fed-Ex it. I am not above being a co-conspirator. Also, "Bitches". Love that.