Friday, August 6, 2010

Sleepover Invite

No, it is NOT okay for you to invite your son to a sleepover at MY house. The last (any only) time he came over he made a huge pee mess on the toilet seat in the bathroom and wouldn't stop insisting that he watch movies that I don't feel are appropriate for my 10 year old. All this, and you've never once offered to have either of my kids over to YOUR house for a sleepover. Seriously? We are not good enough friends for that. Plus, my hubby doesn't even like your family, so that makes it even harder to get together. Stop inviting yourself to things at MY house!!

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Anonymous said...

sort of reminds me - friends have a son high school age. his male friend spent the night. parents woke up to find a pile of poo in middle of hall floor. while confused and grossed-out parents headed to get paper towels they over heard the male guest say to their son, "maybe it was your Dad who did it."

now.. THAT is someone you don't want inviting himself to a sleepover.