Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I can't believe that these stupid diet pills are making me cranky.....I'm trying to lose weight but I hav to always be ina bad flippin mood and piss off everyone around me.....and if I don't do it then I hav to live with fat self. I'm already starving myself and I can't lose nothing...ugh...FML
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Amanda said...

Exercise puts you in a great mood. I promise! And remember this, which I always tend to forget: muscle burns fat. Pump some iron!

Then again, I've never been heavier than 135 so maybe I don't understand the frustration of a person who is legit overweight.

Anonymous said...

Starving yourself=weight gain, not weight loss. All you'll lose is water and muscle, which will in turn impede your efforts. It may sound weird but you have to eat to lose weight, otherwise your body is just going to store the fat because it thinks you're starving (which you are).