Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yes, I'm Jealous of YOU

Yes, I'm jealous of YOU, mom of just one baby. You are getting the mom
experience I had fantasized about when I was pregnant. Well, for about
5 days of my pregnancy before I was told that I was having twins. You,
mom of just one baby, can go wherever you want. Sit with said baby at
Starbucks. Take said baby to the pool with you. Drop said baby off
with the grandparents so you can go get a pedicure (did I also mention
I am jealous of you because your parents live nearby?). Pass said baby
off to husband so you can eat your meal in peace instead of both of
you having to struggle to eat while monitoring/holding/wrangling two
mobile crazies in a house where people think it's ok to have glass end
tables and sharp edged doo hickeys laying around. You can also more
than likely afford to put said baby in mother's day out when she's
ready. Heck, even if you just stay home, you can hold your baby when
she cries instead of having to choose which one gets held and which
one has to cry in the swing. Yes, you may think having a baby is hard
work, but you have no idea what hard work is until you try to
breastfeed preemie twins on a never ending 3 hour schedule, in which
you're lucky if you get 90 minutes of sleep before you have to start
again. No idea.

And now that I have an infant #3, I am also jealous of YOU, mom of
just twins. How crazy is that?


Anonymous said...

And those who can't get pregnant, or have lost a baby are jealous of YOU....lucky mommy of THREE beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

know just how you feel

mom of twins plus one