Friday, October 29, 2010

I Am So Appreciated

Dear Boss,
I was delighted to hear that you wanted to buy your staff lunch for Employee Appreciation Day. After years of making you look good, we all deserve at least one free lunch, right? So, after (1) calling eateries; (2) taking lunch votes; (3) begging mid-managers for money; (4) creating and posting flyers and emails; (5) tracking RSVPs and lunch orders; (6) arranging tables & chairs; (7) picking up the lunches and schlepping them back to the office; and (8) cleaning up afterward (all the while you and your kiss-ass mid-managers sat watching) I simply cannot express how appreciated I felt. Next year, give me $10 and let me eat alone at McDonald's.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Didn't you see the bit where it falls under "other duties as assigned"? /sarcasm

Happens to me at least once a month. None of the other people get picked to organize this stuff, just me. Why? Cause I lack a penis. Can't think of another reason...