Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sure, let me be the bad guy whine

Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me for caring about the safety of your 6 month
old who is riding in an illegally front facing carseat. I know I may
come across as a know it all biotch, despite all attempts to sound
kind and diplomatic (and I believe I did), but my intentions are
nothing but good and caring. I would never forgive myself if something
happened and I had never said anything. And all of this I would gladly
tell you if you would be an adult and respond to my freaking email and
voice mail. Yes, I know you got them. Telling you my concerns was not
easy for me, but that's what friends do -- they look out for each
other. But I guess we both know that we were never really friends.

And to you, friend who first noticed the situation, said you couldn't
let it go, but was too chicken to say anything? Thanks for so
graciously letting me be the bad guy. You had very well not throw me
under the bus if the subject ever comes up.

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