Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what the hell does that mean?

I've been stewing on this for a few days and wasn't sure what I was
stewing about. On Monday I went to my first bi-weekly appointment with
the nutritionists for the Gestational Diabetes. I've been going once a
month since week 8 of this pregnancy and I am proud to have kept my
sugars under control via exercise and diet. Up until this point I've
been praised and patted on the back for all the hard work that goes
into that and it is hard work and a huge pain in the ass. I thought my
problem was that they were being a little nit-picky with the type of
bread that I've been buying. The brand we've been buying is low carb
and has higher than 3 grams of fibre per slice which is what they

So, I'm with the dietician before going into see the Doctor and she's
giving me a hard time about my pre-breakfast numbers because they are
higher than they should be and I'm going to need to change up my bed
time snacks so they'll get lower and then on the way to the Dr, whose
office is down the hall she asks if I had any trouble losing the baby
weight from my last pregnancy five years ago and she gets a shocked
look on her face when I tell her that not only did I not have trouble
but that I went below my pre-pregnancy weight and then she asks me if
Diabetes runs in my family and when I say "no" she gets another big
surprised look on her face and says "that's odd".

And three days later I'm sitting here thinking to myself "What the
hell was that supposed to mean?" Do I look like I come from a family
rife with Diabetes? Do I look like I'm on the verge of ballooning up
into morbid obesity? Up until this point I've felt pretty good about
how I'm looking this pregnancy. I'm still fitting into some non-
pregnancy pants, I'm walking two to three times a day. I'm not bloated
with fluids, My face is still thin. Now I'm wondering if I'm not
seeing something that others are. All I can say is "Bitch!"


Rachael said...

I'm with you - What the hell does that mean? I'm bothered enough that I would suggest a call back for further clarification. Seriously, what the hell does that mean? Good luck - and cheers to you for keeping control of the diabetes!

Anonymous said...

What it means is: most people who have gestational Diabetes are then pre-disposed to have Diabetes later in life. It means that she was looking for risk factors that would give her an idea if you were one of these people. Those risk factors would be: family history, trouble loosing weight, excess weight etc. It means that she was truly puzzled why you didn't have any risk factors. It does happen that otherwise perfectly healthy people get gestational Diabetes and never get Diabetes later in life but they always need to be covering all the bases to make sure they give you the best care possible. I hope this helps shed some light on your misunderstanding of her intentions. Keep being healthy and enjoy the pregnancy!