Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Bitch,
Did you not realize that your life might change when you got caught cheating on your spouse not once, not twice but for the THIRD time?! You were caught and then tried to wiggle your way out of it. You have talked poorly about the man who once loved you in front of the kids...no, you have talked downright MEAN about him in front of the kids. You have bit him, beaten him with hairbrushes and cell phones. And all along, it was YOU that did not keep your legs closed to other men.
I am not sure what you are thinking if you think you deserve special consideration around the holidays. The opposite of what took place last year will happen this year. NO, the kids won't be with you every Christmas morning. Every other year they will be with their Father. A man who once cherished you and the love he had for you. But YOU, yes YOU..were the one that chose to throw it away when you slept with another man. NOT him. You can threaten to call the police if you don't hear from them as often as you want to on his time. His time is exactly that: HIS TIME. You don't need to call and ask them how they slept or what they did today. You can ask them that on YOUR time.
Karma is a bitch..what goes around, comes around. One day, the kids will know which parent did right by them. One day, your kids may end up not liking you very much. And you will have no one else to blame but YOURSELF. I really wonder how you sleep each night, knowing what you are doing is wrong. Unless, that is, that for some sick reason you actually believe it is okay to behave the way you.
Because it isn't okay. It just isn't.


Anonymous said...

YEAH BITCH. It's not ok. And what did you do with those hairbrushes anyway?????

You should probably find a homeless shelter and do some stuff there for the holidays cuz it sound like you screwed the pooch on the family friendly holeeday.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide which is worse.. the cheating or the biting. This bitch obviously didn't pay attention to the playground monitor.

Anonymous said...

as the author of this whine, I thank you both for agreeing with me..she is terrible! and it still hasn't ended yet...

karma, meet the BITCH.