Wednesday, December 1, 2010

no gray area

why is it that when it comes to children, sometimes parents are completely clueless?  isn't there a basic maternal/paternal instinct that kicks in as humans?  can bitterness and dare I say, hatred, consume someone so much that it clouds their own judgement for what is best for their children?  does common courtesy go out the door when it comes to being, say... courteous?  it isn't towards a stranger in the store that you hope you may never see again...but rather to someone you are going to have contact with consistently for the next say, 15 years? 
what are the unwritten rules for an ex contacting you at all hours of the day and night...for no other reasons than the following:  "I need to ask the kids something."  "Please have the kids call me to say goodnight."  "Are the kids okay?"  "(X child) was up coughing last night'"  "FYI..I was up again last night because X child was coughing again."  "Did you get my voicemail?"  "Did you read my last text?"
seriously...when you send a text, do you text again within a short amount of time, ASKING if the text was read?!  if the text or voicemail do not warrant a reply, then no reply is needed.  if the text or phone call is not an emergency, can't the information wait until a decent time of day...say NOT at 5 something in the morning?  or 12 something at night?  I believe both parents need to know what is happening when one of the kids isn't well.  but unless it is an emergency, there should be some common decent courtesy.  that would be like if the kids were with one parent, one of them throws up in the middle of the night and a text or call was made..."hey, FYI, child X just puked."  aaand?.....  something like this cannot wait until the morning?  and a decent time in the morning? 
what are some unwritten rules any of you follow? what works for you? 

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