Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Starbucks Cashier

When you say "can I help you?" and then immediately start chatting to your co-worker, do you think you're going to catch my order?

Neither do I!

So why do you do it, over and over again?

And when I get a grande coffee and you charge me for a grande latte and I point it out to you, is it medically necessary to roll your eyes before crediting your mistake to my card?

Because in our society, the correct response is "oh, I'm sorry."

Caffeinated Marinka


Lynn MacDonald said...

There's nothing Iike more than these open letters. Must be a NY Starbucks problem, they can't roll thir eyes down here. Hahaha...I just get a venti regular coffee.

Anonymous said...

Too often store clerks forget they are hired to serve. And ring up purchases accurately. Maybe a note to the manager will remind them?

ShallowGal said...

Probably like 4683 people a day order an upside down strawberry chai latte with soy and they dare roll their eyes at you? If I worked at a Starbucks my eyes would fall out of my head from all the rolling.