Friday, February 18, 2011

What up with all the splits?????

All of a sudden it seems, just about everyone I know is getting divorced! And this time I don't mean the Real Housewives. Only 1 of them I totally get; the rest are coworkers, casual friends and acquaintances, that just all of a sudden you just get this vibe because of something they say, or a ring is missing.....and dang, there it is online! Now, I know that we don't know what goes on beyond closed doors yada yada but I mean, my marriage is not perfect, but these are all people that were doing a better job of fakin it than me KWIM??? I am always the last to know and late to the party but is this the 7-10 year itch?? I want to be supportive but dang, like I said, I have been to hell and back with the help of Robert Mondavi and some Klonopin, so I kinda feel like a hypocrite. I am just sad for all involved :(


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Anonymous said...

Seems like when the kids get into middle school or beyond the vows start flying out the window.