Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a Bar Mitzvah, not a back-yard picnic

So, NO, it is NOT ok if you decide the day before if you want to bring your kids. You got the invitation a month ago and there's a respond by date on the little card thingee and on the day after that date I forward a head count to my caterer and she charges me for that number of people.

I assure you, when YOUR child gets Bar mitzvahed, this will irk you too, and you will have NO recollection that you were once this obtuse.


262mom said...

Can I request a gluten free vegan meal?

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the word obtuse. Love it. Tell her her kids can come but only if they agree not to eat and see what she says then. That or when it's her celebration tell her at the last minute that your Aunti Murial is in town and you are bringing her and all of her 7 children and their spouses and kids. Good luck and congratulations. Don't let stupid people ruin your family's special day.