Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watch out for your nuts

My husband is a great man who would do anything for his real friends. Even his not so real friends. So when you bail on his poker night that he planned himself for his own birthday? You kind of look like an asshole. And when you don't even bother to respond at all? You look like an even bigger asshole. Since when do people think it's ok not to respond to invites from their best friends? You hurt his feelings, and that pisses me off.

When you mess with my man, you mess with me, and right now I want to punch you in the nuts. Or just ignore any invite you send our way. But we won't do that, because we're good friends. Which is more than I can say for you.

P.S. The same goes for 1 year old birthday parties. All I ask for is a simple email of "sorry, we can't make it." There, was that so hard? You don't even have to call me and tell me in person.

You really make me question our friendship.


262mom said...

mean people that ruin birthdays suck!


Caleb said...

People like that are what's called "douchecanoes"

They can suck it!

However, I wouldn't stand up all mad on your husband's behalf. A simple "well that wasn't very nice, was it?" will do to show you support him, but if you're out front leading the picket line it looks a little bit weird.

Know what I mean?

Then again, I'm just a borderline-thoughtful blogger who got up way to early on a Saturday and is out stalking blogs.

PS like your blog!


PPS normally 'PS' goes after, but you can see that I'm a rebel