Friday, April 15, 2011


I have complained here before about this but I must yet again.  What was she thinking?  Ok, let's face it.  The divorce rate is outrageous in this country..and yes, I am one of the statistics.  And so is my significant other.  My complaint lies with his ex.  SHE is the one that cheated, three times...until he finally realized it was over.  He gave her the benefit of the doubt many times..and yet, she is being such a pain in the ass about everything.  The kids, money..what she wants, and what she thinks she deserves.  What she deserves is a swift kick in the ass!  How is it that such an ungrateful woman, that CHEATED THREE TIMES seems to think he owes her?!  Can people really be that stupid?  Does she realize that all the bad things she says about the kids Dad will come back to haunt her later in life?  That one day, the kids will know that Dad did right by them and she was wrong?! 
Complaining doesn't seem like enough.  She should learn her lesson the hard way.  And I truly believe that what comes around, goes around.  I look forward to the day when she gets hers.  Sorry, but I do.  Maybe then she will realize what she did was wrong and feel a wee itsy bit of remorse.
Nah, probably not. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Map - No Go....

Ya know, when I have to hand deliver the party invitations cuz I am a slacker mom, and your house is in such a brand spanking new subdivision? That Google Maps directs me to a run-over mailbox in a horse pasture after driving 10 minutes down a dirt road 25 minutes from my house? We will put you first on the waiting list for next year. Sorry :( 

Monday, April 11, 2011

I will end you

I am pregnant, hungry, nauseous, and pissed off. First off you f'ing stink and secondly if you don't stop making that disgusting hawking noise in the back of your throat every 20 seconds I will crush you with my fat thighs. I. WILL. END. YOU.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So the weekend was a rough one between me and the huzz. For the first time in a long time (ever?) we had a kid free night - all were spending night with friends. So what did we do instead of have a wild night of sex and orgies? We argued about it. Sex, that is. Specifically, his lack of being affectionate and communicative outside the bedroom and how it's killing my libido. So toward the end, after many tears and talks, we found ourselves having a conversation about the fact that in our many years of marriage we never have quickies. He won't have them. He thinks they're unfair to me. I'm a slow-to-O type woman, despite his heroic efforts, and he (as well as I) think it's priority for both of us to get to the promised land. But I was arguing with him that we seldom have time for mine, and that quickies, every now and again, while not giving me the big O, can be an exciting alternative as well as make me more anxious for when we do have time for mine. Oh no, he said. This is a recipe for disaster. It will come back and bite me on the ass. I finally saw how ridiculous this conversation would have sounded to others. I told him to imagine me posting on facebook how I have to beg my husband for quickies. I wonder how many marriage proposals I'd get.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My worst fear has now been realized

One of my children has nits. I spent $79 at Walgreens in a panic. That did not include wine...