Thursday, June 9, 2011

at the movies

Dear Self Centered Movie Watcher,

Please be aware that the seat back in front of you at the stadium-seating-movie-theater is not for your feet. It doesn't matter if there is no one seated there now. It doesn't matter if your tired. It doesn't matter if your tall. Someone's head will eventually have to sit where your dirty feet are now.

Also, note that though my nose was at least a yard away, I could detect a foul odor reeking from your feet. How it's possible that feet that are completely covered can stink that bad is beyond me. Have you been wearing the same socks all year? That is indeed why I changed seats.

I feel sorry for that blond that went with you. Oh yeah, when you put your stinky feet down, can you also let her know that it is not OK to talk in her living-room voice while the movie is running? On second thought, you two are made for each other.

Next time, will you do us all a favor and wait until the DVD comes out, or learn the difference between the local cineplex and your living room, oh and wash your feet now and then. Remember, change your socks every day.

I can't believe I'm wishing for the days when all I had to complain about at the theater was texting.

Thanks, until never, I hope,
Disgruntled Movie Watcher.

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